Is a home business is right for you?

You may be considering starting a home business for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re looking to create a secondary income, or maybe you’re hoping to replace your current job and have the business become your primary income. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a certain product or service that you are wanting to sell yourself. It is important to truly believe in the product or service, and will help you in selling it to others. If you are just picking a company based on the idea of it, not based on actually believing in the product itself, you may be choosing a poor quality product. I also recommend choosing a type of product that can be reordered, such as a nutritional supplement, rather than a piece of jewelery. You want to be able to get sales based on reordering so you don’t have to always be finding a new customer just to make a sale.

The flexibility in hours is definitely an attractive perk to a home business. But, what if you’re the type of person who can’t separate work and home life from one another? If you’re at home, there are plenty of distractions that can present themselves as opposed to being at a traditional workplace environment. Do you see yourself being able to be committed to putting the appropriate time into working at home?

Maybe you’re the type of person who prefers to have a steady income. Sometimes, as with any business ownership, income fluctuates. Are you willing and able to handle any income changes, or do you need a stable paycheck?

Home businesses are a fabulous way to earn some extra money, but you really do need to treat it like a business, not a hobby. If you treat it like a hobby, you will get paid like a hobby. You can do it! Go for it! Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions about your own possible home business venture, I am happy to help.


How to Avoid Home Business Scams

In this day and age, there seems to be a new home business opportunity that pops up every day. How can you be sure it’s the real thing and not a scam? Here’s some precautions you can take to avoid getting involved with the wrong company.

1.  Don’t trust anyone unless you personally know them.

The reality is that you can’t trust a stranger on the internet.

2. Check out the business before you pay anything.

Don’t be pressured into a high-pressure sales pitch. Do your homework on the business, get all the details.  Just an internet search isn’t enough – in all likelihood, you will find negative information about the company even if it’s legitimate, and that’s not always truthful information. Be wary of guarantees of financial success. See if they are listed on the Better Business Bureau. Make sure there is an address and phone number, and that they’re legitimate.

3. Don’t pay for anything up front!

You should never have to pay for information. It may seem worthwhile to pay for information, but don’t do it. You will in all likelihood be given outdated information or information you could have found for free online. Also, don’t give out all your information to get more information about them.

Some home businesses require money for start-up costs or materials. That’s fine, just make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money, and the total costs involved as well as a refund policy.

Ask about a free trial if you are interested but don’t want to invest financially in the start-up costs. A good company will offer one!

4. Purchase with your credit card

Make sure you use a credit card, if possible one with a low limit on it. Make sure there is a paper trail!

5. Ambiguity is a warning sign

They’re probably hiding something if a company doesn’t use their name or explain costs.

I hope these tips help keep you out of trouble! If you want more information about some great home businesses, feel free to contact me.

Get Out of the Rat Race: Top 7 Reasons to Work from Home

Howdy, awesome person! Over the last several years, the workplace dynamic has started to see drastic changes. Social media has changed the way business is done. Technology is allowing us to get more done, faster than ever before, from anywhere in the world.  People are starting to explore other employment options rather than the traditional nine to five job, and that trading time for a paycheck isn’t always the best option.

1.       You design your schedule. Say you have a bad night’s sleep.  Your boss probably doesn’t care if you need your 8 hours to be productive.  Or if something personal comes up, you have the flexibility to work around those unexpected things.

2.       Your office is wherever you are. You can work anywhere! (As long as you have WiFi of course) I’d think you would also save time and money on gas from not having to commute.

3.       More personal time.  This is a huge plus for me. I strongly value my time with my family, and I design my schedule so I’m working when they are too. That way, I can spend more quality time with them when they are around.

4.       You can focus. For me, co-workers seem to interrupt and the hustle and bustle of an office can sometimes keep you from getting to work. Of course there are other distractions at home, such as watching TV.  But, I would rather have control over the distractions.

5.       You control your office. If you work at home, you don’t have to restrict yourself if you want to light a scented candle, play music, sing loudly to the music, take a workout break, etc.

6.       No dress code. Working in your pajamas is fun, and it’s also nice to not worry about a dress code. Plus, business clothing isn’t exactly what I’d call comfortable.

7.       Work less hours. In all likelihood, you don’t work every minute while at work. Think of all the time wasted while at work. I bet you’d be a heck of a lot more productive if you didn’t have to be in a cubicle eight hours a day.

Of course, some people just wouldn’t be a good fit for working from home. If you don’t have the discipline to shut off the TV, maybe you wouldn’t be more productive at home. I’m just trying to show from experience the positives about working from home, which there are quite a few! Stay tuned, awesome person!

Customer satisfaction: We either want it, or strive to provide it

Howdy, awesome person! Every single one of us is an awesome customer. We all want to have a good experience, and businesses better believe that we will take our money elsewhere if we don’t.

On the business strategy side, customer satisfaction is a key factor in the success of a home business, or any business for that matter! If you are business owner and your customer has a good or bad experience, you better believe they will share it with their friends. Here are some great ways to make sure you keep your customers happy!

1. Hand written personal thank you

One thing that is truly important is making people feel like their business is appreciated. Sure, we all get those emails thanking us for our business but it really doesn’t feel personal. I mean, how simple is it to just send an automated thank you email? That personal touch is missing in this world, so I always write personal hand written thank you notes to every single customer for every purchase they make. You better believe they notice!

2. Check on your customer after a few days

Once your customer makes a purchase and you send them their thank you note, don’t just act like your business relationship is over. Check in on them in whatever method of communication they say is preferred, and see if they have questions or concerns about their purchase. They will be flattered you thought of them! Also, if there are any issues, you can personally take care of them.

3. Loyal customer sales and promotions

Keep them informed about any special discounts, particularly on products they have previously purchased. If you don’t have some type of referral program, you might want to consider offering one. Word-of-mouth advertising is a very powerful way to increase your customer base

4. Reminders for reordering

This isn’t always applicable to every business, but depending on the type of products you offer you should remind your customers to reorder so they don’t have to miss out on your product.

Now, if you want a shopping experience with someone who truly cares – you know who to go to! Stay tuned, awesome person!

9 Advantages to Having Your Own Business

Hello, awesome reader! Here’s my list of the top reasons to have your own business, check it out. C’mon, you know starting a business has crossed your mind. You know you want to.

1.       Tax advantages. There are many tax write-offs that can be very helpful, believe me!

2.       Flexible hours. You can work around your family’s schedule and create a better quality of life. Although the initial start-up phase may take more time, once your business is built you can enjoy what is called “residual” or ongoing income.

3.       Love what you do. You can make your living by doing something you are truly passionate about.

4.       Unlimited potential. There is no limit to how far you take your business, unlike traditional salaried jobs.

5.       Creative freedom. You can take whatever direction you want, whether it’s with your products or marketing strategies. You decide where you want to go, not your superiors.

6.       Prove everyone wrong. There’s nothing sweeter than being successful! Unfortunately, people can be skeptical of anything that isn’t nine to five. Well, you can just show them otherwise.

7.       Control who you work with. You choose your customers and business partners. Surrounding yourself with positive people is so important!

8.        Take pride. You can build something through your own efforts, and that’s something to be very proud of. You’re setting a great example to your kids by following your dreams.

9.       Less pollution. You’ll probably save time and commute less than you would if you worked a traditional job.

Now, of course there is a lot of responsibility that goes along with owning your own business. And yes, there is risk. But here’s what separates entrepreneurs from the crowd. While everyone else is worrying and trying to figure out why it won’t work, saying “What if?”, an entrepreneur thinks “Why not?”. Stay tuned, future entrepreneur. And don’t be shy, contact me or leave a comment if you please.

Vertical Marketing vs Horizontal Marketing: Is there a better way?

Hola, awesome person! This topic may sound like a snooze-topic, but let me assure you it’s not – it’s one I am very passionate about, so read on (and I’ve saved the best part for the end of this post)!

Marketing surrounds us and applies to every one of us on a daily basis. I’d like to take some time to explore two very different types of marketing, vertical and horizontal. Horizontal marketing, simply defined, is a very common type of business structure where products and services are marketed through several sales divisions. A perfect model of this type of marketing is an insurance company. Let’s say at the top of the organization is the owner or CEO. Then maybe a couple levels down are some regional sales managers and below them are numerous sales representatives. One problem with horizontal marketing is that there is competition between the managers and also between the sales teams. When you draw this out, the organizational structure closely resembles that of a pyramidal shape. Many multi-level marketing companies, chain stores, real estate companies, sports teams and even our U.S. government are examples of horizontal marketing.

What if you were paid for everything your boss did? What if all the managers worked together and economically benefited 100% from each other’s efforts? That is exactly what vertical marketing is. Rather than the sales volume be spread out horizontally, the vertical structure has two sales teams. This allows for more synergy since the volume flows from the very bottom of one of the teams, all the way up the vertical line, benefitting everyone 100%!

But what if I work harder, shouldn’t I be paid more? Yes! As one builds 2 vertical lines of distribution, not just one, the reward is based on the volume in both lines. Vertical marketing is an incredibly powerful structure that connects everyone economically and facilitates true teamwork.  Doesn’t that just make sense? (It actually makes dollars – believe me, I know!!)  Stay tuned, awesome person!

The Law of Attraction

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” – Buddha

Howdy, awesome person! Today I’d like to reflect on this powerful quote from Buddha. It states that we simply become our thoughts. Pretty deep, but absolutely true.  All that is in your mind, whether consciously or unconsciously, is what is brought to you in life. This is also known as the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is something you’ve probably experienced without even realizing it. Let’s say you trip out of bed and immediately sets you off in a bad mood. Then you can’t find your car keys and are running late for work. The rest of the day seems to go just the way you thought it would. If you wake up happy, in a positive mood, your day will absolutely follow suit. It may be hard to hear, but all the negative things in your life you have attracted. Quite simply, your feelings are your future.

What’s wonderful about the law of attraction is you can control what you attract. You have the power to create your own life! You don’t have to stay on the treadmill of life, day in and day out. Be careful not to focus on what you don’t want – focus on what you do want. Let’s say you walk up to your mailbox hoping there isn’t another bill. Guess what? You’ve got another bill! Or maybe you think about how you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Guess what? You’re still single! Try thinking about getting a check in the mail, or about the wonderful type of person you see yourself with.

A great way to shift your focus is by listing what you are grateful in your life. Start your day with it. Be thankful for having what you do have. Then use the law of attraction to create the life you want. Visualize and feel the end result of the life you want, look at your dream board daily (see my last post for more on a dream board and setting goals). If you are consistent, you will be absolutely amazed at the results. Feel free to share your experiences with the law of attraction below. Stay tuned, awesome person!

Goal Setting: Why it’s important to succeed

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve” – W. Clement Stone

Hi again, awesome person! I’d like to take a moment to elaborate on goal setting, as I briefly touched upon it in my last post concerning the need to believe in order to achieve. Let’s say you want to be successful in a monetary aspect. Well, there needs to be a set goal that you want to achieve because monetary success is simply too vague. For example, let’s say you want to make $100,000 in the next year. For many people, particularly in this economy, this can be difficult to imagine. That’s where what I call a “dream board” comes in.

A dream board is a board where you put together cut out images of all the things you would do with $100,000. Some things might be; vacation spots, the cars, the house, the clothes, spending time with loved ones and so on. Have fun with it! Spend time really thinking about the lifestyle you would have, even visualize how you would feel living that lifestyle. Take time every day to really look at this collage of your dreams, and it will greatly help you to truly believe in yourself and you achieving your goal.

Now that you believe in yourself and your set goal, don’t get stuck worrying about the means in which you’ll reach your goal. Your energy, your belief in your goal will attract all that you need in your life in order to reach your goal. It’s amazing, and it really works! I’ll elaborate in my next post 🙂

How do I know? When we were teenagers, my now-husband and I first made a dream board together. It included what we wanted for every aspect of our lives, and we dreamed really big. We included images of colleges, finishing with a certain GPA, dogs, cars, houses, specific career goals, bank account totals, vacations, babies, an elderly couple holding hands, even a private island. One day a year or two later, my husband did a double-take when walking by the dream board. We had attained things on our board without even realizing it. We took down the images of things we had achieved or purchased and put them aside, and came up with new dreams to fill up the board again!

I hope this post inspires you to create a dream board of your own. Set a goal, surround yourself with those images daily, and watch how your life unfolds. Stay tuned, awesome person!

The Key to Success

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” -Muhammad Ali

Have you ever heard the phrase “Key to Success”? Most likely you have. It is a term often used in this day and age, particularly in the business world. Now, my next question is this. How many different keys to success have you heard of? Probably too many to fit on a key chain, I’d assume.

I believe that each person has their own key to their own success. What works for one person, may not necessarily work for the other.  Throughout my career in the internet marketing industry, I have learned about countless of these keys and I have come to find that the one universal key to success is belief.

If you believe in yourself, and I mean really, truly believe in whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, you then can achieve it. Of course, knowledge and skill are also important in achieving your dreams too. But you have to believe that you can reach your dreams as well.  Self belief can be hard, but this key to success has worked for me in my own life. I’ve found the best way to create an unrelenting, unstoppable belief is through visual images and goal setting. Seeing really is believing!

Make a collage of images of what success is to you. What do you believe you will accomplish? Of course, everyone is different. Some people view success as monetary or material, while others may view it as time freedom. Take time to look at these images a couple times a day, as well as visualize them in your head throughout the day. With your belief being strengthened each time you see and visualize these images, you will be amazed at the results, particularly when combined with goal setting (which I will cover in my next post).

JR Ridinger told a wonderful motivational story about a man pushing a wheelbarrow of bricks while walking across a tightrope over Niagara Falls. A crowd anxiously watched the man with each step. After he made it to the other side, a reporter said him, “That was amazing!”. The man asked him, “Do you believe I can do it again?”. The reporter said, “Of course!”. The man dumped the bricks out of the wheelbarrow and said, “Then get in”.

Are you ready to believe?

Let the Blogging Begin!

Hi, awesome person! To be perfectly honest, this is my very first blog post ever. No pressure or anything. Ha. Well, to jump right in,  I’ve always been intrigued about the way in which we communicate with one another in this social networking world we live. I joined Facebook at the very start of the social revolution back in the mid 2000’s, when you could only have a Facebook account if you had a college email address.  Oh yeah, I was one of the first. There, I was comfortable sharing my thoughts and opinions there amongst friends. But I’ve never thought I would be one to share my thoughts, opinions, ideas through blogging to people I’ve never met before, to people all over the world. I mean, isn’t that for professionals to take care of for me? Surely there must be enough people doing this already. Then I realized, what an incredible way to share and to express yourself. And how else did these professionals become professionals? They couldn’t have been born a professional blogger, right? For my sake, I sure hope not. But I think that’s what we all strive to do in some way or another – we want people to know about us. We want to share our opinions, our happenings, experiences we want the attention. And I want in!

I humbly hope this blog, which exact direction it will take I am still unsure, will one day help, motivate, educate, or even inspire someone in a way which may not have otherwise been possible. But for this post, I’m simply going to share the possible topic ideas I’ve been going back and forth about. For starters, I own a home based internet marketing business, and have 17 years experience in the industry. I’ve learned a lot about this industry and feel there is so much I can share about this. Another topic pertains to the nutraceutical industry, including variety of health and nutritional supplements and feel I can educate others about this as well. Throughout my time in the internet marketing business, I’ve learned a great deal about motivation, goal setting, and attitude towards life in general, and I think this is another topic that I could also elaborate on extensively. Now after writing these topics out, a light bulb has literally just gone off. This is my very own blog. Why not write about any combination of the three? Hey, I think I’m really gonna like this whole blogging thing. Stay tuned, awesome person!